Adopting A Dog

Posted on November 23, 2016 by Michael Moll

The Pros Of Adopting A Dog

dog up for adoption


Dogs and puppies end up at animal shelters for a variety of different reasons. Whether a family member discovered they have allergies, the owner was not ready for the responsibility, or they passed away, a new dog doesn't get along with the current dog of the household etc… the list goes on and on. While shelters do their best to give great care to these animals, due to the volume of puppies and dogs - the conditions are typically less than ideal.

The bottom line is that shelters are full and adopters are needed across the world. When people think of adopting they typically focus too much on the potential cons and not enough on all the pros. Some of the pros are below:

  1. You will potentially be saving a life
  2. You will be giving a dog a second chance
  3. You can often adopt a full trained dog
  4. You will likely get a very affectionate and appreciative dog
  5. You will save money on the cost of purchasing a dog
  6. You are getting a dog that has been medically screened by a veterinarian
  7. You have a lot of choices
  8. You can take the dog for a trial period to see if it fits your family (most adoption facilities have foster to adopt programs)
  9. You will have a general sense of fulfillment and bragging rights
  10. You are helping to eradicate puppy mills by not funding the illegal trade

The next time you are thinking about getting another dog, stop and review all of the pros of adoption. Save a life, change a life, and make a difference in your community.


Source (Image): PBS
Source (Image): Next Ranks 

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