Fun Fact Friday!

Posted on December 16, 2016 by Michael Moll

Have you ever wondered why/how Huskies are able to withstand freezing cold weather?  (as cold as -60 degrees F)

  1. They have a thick, double layer coat
  2. They have fur between their toes that keeps the paw from freezing
  3. Their clawed paw helps them grip on the ice
  4. They have a thick layer of hair in front of their ears that protect the ear canal from freezing
  5. They have a bushy and long tail that will curl around their body when they lie down to sleep
  6. They are able to change their metabolisms
  7. They will dig holes to sit in to protect themselves from the wind

    husky in snow hole


    Source (Image): Pets4Homes
    Source (Image): Pinterst

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