In the heart of Ontario, Canada farm country you’ll find the charming hamlet of New Hamburg and Barnsdale Farms®. It is here that Bullwrinkles® and our many other all natural dog treats have been produced since 1989. The same U.S. and Canadian farmers, ranchers and CFIA / FDA inspected and approved butchers that supply our local grocery stores also supply the raw materials we process in our food-grade plant.

Dogs of all ages and sizes LOVE Bullwrinkles® brand beef, chicken and pork chews and treats because they are pure and natural, highly digestible and taste great! Pet Parents LOVE Bullwrinkles® brand dog chews and treats because they come from a trusted local source, are made without additives or preservatives, and have many wellness benefits. Bullwrinkles® are the ultimate treats for dogs.

At Bullwrinkles.com, making dogs happy is just naturally what we do. We have dogs, we love dogs, and we want every dog to live a long, active and happy life. We’re proud to offer you high-quality pure and natural products that can be part of your dog’s healthy development and ongoing nutrition. This website is designed to better serve our distinguished K-9 clientele across Canada and the USA.

Thank you for your patronage.

Bullwrinkles® – The Ultimate Treats for Dogs!™

Here at Bullwrinkles® we love hearing from our fellow dog lovers. Join us on FaceBook and share your favourite dog moments or even catch a dog show.  Thanks for taking the time to send us a message, we will reply as soon as possible, have a great day!

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